About Me

Myself Sathish Jayapalan ,love to teach personal finance and like to spread financial awareness in each and every individual’s life.

I worked as software developer in reputed companies and completed my B. Tech in IT during 2011   like any other 90 kids. During my school days itself I love teaching others especially I was more curious about finance.

In my college days itself I tried network marketing business and failed miserably losing money which my parents gave for fee purpose and almost I lost most of my close friends during that instance. Some how I  manage to complete my degree with out selected in campus drive.

After a long  struggle of 2 years I got job as Java Developer in 2013 and signed a bond for 4 years , working day and night for that company which won’t provide much salary for my work.

After 4 years I decided to move on in my career , I got job in reputed IT company where still I am working a consultant in SAP platform and getting a handsome salary.

All these years my ambition towards finance and teaching forbidden totally. After I came to know instability in IT jobs I decide to do my own business and in 2018 started a business with 5 lakh investment and I lost all money in it.

Then started looking the mistakes I did in my life , my hunger towards finance and money management is still there and this time I took different route. I started learning about personal finance and money management books via like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and grow rich  etc.. all this books helped me to understand basics of personal finance.

Due to not understanding basics properly I failed in my personal finance and I was having EMI’s , don’t have any saving except  PF. I was not spending much still I cannot able to save.

After I became familiar with personal finance basics and started following Financial gurus, my EMI reduced and Invested almost 5 Lakhs in different instruments with out including PF with in 2 years and my mindset towards money is totally changed.

Now I know how to make money with help of money and how money works for us instead I working for money. My journey towards financial freedom is in the right path and I can able to track it and this time I didn’t lost single penny also in my investments.

This makes me clear that I want to teach the basics of personal finance to others to make the person  clear with their money management skills so that they will succeed in their finance life.

Health and Wealth plays major role in human life. If one thing is not proper it will affect the other one also. So in my blog you will get all the stuffs which will create great wealth in your life.