Investment is part of personal finance which most of us thinking is possible after saving a chunk of money. But it is not true, that we need more money to start investing .In today’s digital world we can start investing as low as Rs.100, that to once can start immediately. Major problem in investment is risk where most of us is thinking is not there is saved money.

Where to save

  • Hard cash
  • Bank Saving Account

Where to invest

  • Fixed deposit
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Mutual Funds(It is separate topic about it types)
  • Stocks
  • Real Estate
  • Commodity
  • Gold and silver etc..

The best way to shrink your hard earned money!!!

you can ask me ., Are you mad ? How money will shrink? and you can claim  that money won’t multiply but surely it won’t shrink. But my friend it is hard truth that inflation will make your saved money value less as time passes.

Gold Rate (10 grams 24 carat Average price)
1990 – Rs.3466 Vs 2020 – Rs.48,651.00

Person who saved Rs.10,000 as hard cash was invested that money in gold during 1990 , he might got 28.8 grams of gold. That cost’s around Rs.1,40,114 in 2020.

Instead of that person kept that money in hand, for 10,000 he will get approx. 2 grams gold in 2020 instead of 28.8 grams gold. This is power of inflation , that will make you poor as day passes.

How investment work against Inflation?.

Yes my friend investment can beat the inflation because it will give you returns that can be adjusted against inflation

Investment make you rich ,let us the see no’s with same 10,000

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So start investing , “The best time for investment was 10 years back. Next best time is now” – remember this quote if you are procrastinating investment. If you won’t start now inflation will win the race.