Personal Finance

In simple terms personal finance is managing the money , saving and investing, instead of earning more, one as save to save more. After saving the money one should not keep all saved money in bank account forever that has to be invested.

Quote: If you don’t know how to manage money , then you need to work until your death .

Without delay here is the important area one should know in personal finance.

  • Savings
  • Financial protection
  • Tax planning
  • Investment
  • Retirement Planning

Each area having lot of stuffs to discuss will explore each one separately and deeply. To know more click on each section.

Personal Finance is the area which is completely ignored in our academic systems and that is why most of us not knowing the basics of it. The best thing one can do in their life is to learn to manage the things by themselves , lot of things are there that we suppose manage by ourselves the most important one is finance.

Only few persons are working for goal , but most of the persons are working towards the money. Of course world is designed in that way ,but if you want too be there in that fewer’ s list don’t ignore personal finance at any cost.