Vision Statement

2023 : “Finology” the new trending terminology of this decade. What it means? The Branch dealing with plants and animals is “Zoology” . “Technology” is the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences and there are lot of divisions when it comes to Education. What is the division that is dealing with personal finance ?. You guess what? there is no such division so far in our curriculum and Economics is near equivalent still it won’t give authoritative tone on Personal Finance.

Sathish aka Finology Sathish gave birth to the new term called “Finology” in India . Finology is the division that is educating the people in personal finance. He is educating the younger generations mostly in the age group of 20-30 about the most taboo subject in India “Money”. His online courses related to saving ,investing and secret formulas of handling money reached more than 1lakh subscribers. Especially “Learn before Earn” course helped lot of fresh employees who is joining the job after their colleges.

Finology” will fill the gap . Thanks Richard B Wagner who discovered the terminology

Sathish gives lot of insights in his course , webinar and blog about money , that will break the myths around money in any one’s mind, that makes lot of people to start creating wealth immediately. His formula for creating wealth lies in “Don’t earn more with out knowing Finology aka personal finance, it is waste of time. Money can be earned but not time”.

He also consistently speak about health in . “Health is wealth vs Wealth is health” is the article which is visited by more than 1 lakh+ visitors. His Finology course make sure the person to correct their financial mistake and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Initiative is taken by Sathish to include Finology as curriculum in colleges, as of now he is serving society with digital courses and digital mentorship on Finology and he is working from his small office setup in Bangalore with 5 employees.